Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

I hope you and your family are doing well during this period of Shelter in Place and Phased Reopening.  Sunday mornings at True Sunshine are an important part of our family’s week, and we miss seeing all of you.  Not being physically at Church on Sunday indeed feels strange, and so, I suspect like most of you, I wanted to know how True Sunshine and the Diocese was dealing with Covid-19, the current Shelter In Place and the Phased Reopening we are starting to see. 

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to listen in on a Diocese of California Clergy Gathering with our bishop, Bishop Marc Andrus. Below is some of what was shared during the meeting.

  • Currently, from the Diocesan Worship guidelines (https://diocal.org/covid-19-advisories), only the minimum number of people required to conduct service for the purpose of recording or livestreaming is allowed within the church.
    1. No one over the age of 65, or in any other vulnerable category should be included in the recording or livestreaming activities within the church.
      1. As Fr. Ng has been able to run the Sunday Worship via Zoom the past 2 Sundays without any assistance, the minimum required in the case of True Sunshine is 1 person.
    2. There is currently no distribution of communion.
  • The Diocese is currently working on a plan to partially reopen churches so that some may worship in person.
    1. Each church will be asked to submit a plan for their reopening to the Diocese.
    2. The Diocese will collect these individual plans and based on these plans will develop the Diocese’s plan to reopen and submit to local authorities as required.
    3. This means that even though San Francisco may be starting to reopen, there will be some time before churches in the Diocese can reopen.
    4. When we first reopen, it will likely be the case that those over the age of 65 or in any other vulnerable category will be asked to remain at home for their own safety.
    5. There should be some further updates in mid/late June.

I want to close with an invitation for those who have not yet joined our Sunday Morning Prayer via Zoom to contact Fr. Ng for information on how to join us for worship.

May God continue to bless us and keep us safe.

Your Junior Warden,
William Kwan






  1. 吳牧師能夠在沒任何人幫助的情況下通過網路視頻(Zoom)在過去的兩個主日進行早禱崇拜,對於真日光堂來說最低要求為一人。



  1. 每個堂會都將被要求提交一份重開開放教堂的計劃書。
  2. 教區將收集這些計劃書,並根據這些計劃制定整體教區的計劃,以根據需要重新開放教堂並提交給地方當局政府。
  3. 這意味著,即使舊金山可能重新開放,教區的教堂仍需要一段時間才能重新開放。
  4. 當我們第一次重新開放教堂時,很可能會要求65歲以上或其他脆弱群體的人為了自己的健康安全而留在家裡。
  5. 月中或者下旬應該會有進一步的更新和指示。





Easter Newsletter from Our Junior Warden

By WILLIAM KWAN, Junior Warden

Alleluia.  Christ is risen.  The Lord is risen indeed.  Alleluia.

The Lord indeed is risen. Easter is a season of new, a season of renew, a season of change, and a season of hope.  Christ suffered for us, died for us, but on Easter, Christ rose again for us. 

For many, these past few weeks, this Lenten Season, with this “invisible enemy,” was something new to us, something never seen before. From “shelter in place,” to people panic buying toilet paper, from schools being suddenly closed for months to almost 10 million Americans filing for unemployment in a 2-week time period, these are unprecedented times. Everyone has been impacted in some way. For the more fortunate, this has been a time of great inconvenience. For those less fortunate, this has been a time of suffering.

With every challenge, however, comes great opportunity, opportunity to learn and opportunity to grow. In recent weeks, due to sheltering in place, the English language fellowship has started to meet online via Zoom meetings. This would likely not have occurred if not for recent events. What other opportunities are out there? What else can we learn? How else can we grow?

My hope is that during this challenging time, if we come across a good idea, a new way, an old way, a different way of doing something, that we do not hesitate to share it with the church. My hope is that during this challenging time, we reflect on what the church means to us, what the friends and our church family mean to us, how not seeing each other affect us. I hope that next Easter, when we look back at what has happened in the last year, that we will not only see growth, some positive changes in our personal life, but we also see growth and positive changes in True Sunshine.

“My hope is that during this challenging time, we reflect on what the church means to us, what the friends and our church family mean to us, how not seeing each other affect us.”


哈利路亞!主已經復活了。主真的復活了, 哈利路亞!






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