The congregation was kindly sheltered by Grace Cathedral during its second exile. From 1966 to 1968, there were a number of supply priests who nurtured the members of True Sunshine. In 1968, Father James Pun was called from Hong Kong to be vicar. He gathered a growing membership, both young and old, who enjoyed the use of the Cathedral’s Mosley Room as a chapel, Gresham Hall, and the kitchen for many activities of fellowship.

In 1971, under Fr. Pun’s leadership, plans were drawn for a multipurpose building on a small 52×80 ft. lot on Mason St., the remainder from the sale of the large facility at the corner of Mason and Pacific. In 1972, True Sunshine moved back to the Chinese community into 1430 Mason Street. Truly, the facility was used for many purposes: the chapel on Sundays, the parish-hall, Sunday school rooms, meeting rooms and offices, and a daycare center.

In 1973, True Sunshine was sufficiently self-supporting to become a parish and Fr. Pun became the first rector. He was instrumental in the development of a number of organizations, two of which are the Chinese Newcomers Services and the Episcopal Asian Ministries (EAM).

Fr. Pun retired in 1984.

Fr. James Pun

1971 Congregation viewing plans for 1430 Mason Street building at Gresham Hall, Grace Cathedral

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