Fr. Clarence Lee succeeded Fr. Wu who retired in 1944. During Fr. Lee’s tenure from 1944 to 1955, a large number of young people joined the church. This led to a new phase when a large part of the work was carried on in English. There was also a need for more space. A fund-raising campaign was launched and plans were drawn for a new building. All came to a stop in 1952 when the city took over the property for expansion of the adjacent elementary school. The congregation had to move and was exiled to Grace Cathedral. Most of the congregation was scattered. The Cathedral was accommodating, housing the remaining group in the old crypt and the ministry continued.

Chinese Language School Principal, Mrs. Rose Chan, and Father Wesner
966 Clay Street, 1940’s-1950’s
Church Choir
Wedding c.1950's
Young Adults Retreat at St. Dorothy's Rest

Church Picnic at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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