In 1953 the diocese acquired a 23,000 sq. ft. property at the corner of Mason St. and Pacific Ave.  It was a former parochial school and adjacent convent.  Fr. Lee led the congregation from exile back to this spacious site, a strategic entry back into the Chinese community.  The congregation began to grow again.  When Fr. Lee left True Sunshine in 1956, Fr. Stephen Ko, who was the vicar of Our Saviour, Oakland, was assigned to True Sunshine also.  Fr. Ko began a campaign to raise money to refurbish the buildings, but before making any headway, Fr. Theodore Yeh was assigned to take the place of Fr. Ko.  Fr. Yeh left in 1961.

In 1961, Fr. Thomas Chesterman was assigned to continue the ministry.  Although he did not speak Chinese, he connected with the congregation in a marvelous way, using interpreters and establishing a bilingual worship service.  He invigorated a program for the youth, started a Boy Scout troop, and established a Chinese language school.  The school reached a enrollment of about 300.  The Sunday School grew to almost 100.  True Sunshine thrived at this site.

In 1967, the Diocese sold the property.  True Sunshine’s thriving ministry came to a halt and the disheartened congregation was scattered.  Fr. Ron Wesner led the exile, again, to Grace Cathedral.

Fr. Thomas Chesterman
Former parochial school at Mason and Pacific Streets
Fr. Wu and Sunday School children at side entrance of Clay St.
Fr. Lee and young adults group (photo taken at steps of convent)
Junior Choir (photo taken at steps of convent)
Confirmation class and Bishop Millard
English Class with Fr. Wu
Chinese Language School Principal Mrs. Rose Chan
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