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 Worship with the Youth of True Sunshine



The Rev. Connie Ng Lam, presiding.

Enjoy the pictures of the worship scene with the Youth at True Sunshine.  They worship together except the first Sunday of each month when the Youth will join the regular congregation at the 11am Cantonese Liturgy.




Youth Ministry       -     Ministered by the Rev. Connie Ng Lam


 In 2009, the youth group continued to have Bible study and fellowship each Sunday morning.  They take up the duty of acolytes and readers on the first Sunday of each month.  They participate in most of the celebrations on the Church calendar. They also participate in parish activities in celebrating Chinese New Year and Parish Anniversary.  They plan to do more outdoor activities, such as visiting the Academy of Sciences, De Young Museum, going to parks for picnic, hiking and camping.  Some of the food pantry volunteers have joined the youth group fellowship. And, thankfully, one of them was baptized on Christmas Day.


This past Easter Sunday, two members of the youth group were baptized. On the Sunday following, a new ministry of Youth Sunday Worship with Eucharist began. The youth worship in the parish hall at the same time with the main church service. The worship uses power point to project the liturgy while playing contemporary music. The Sunday school children and their parents join with the worship too.


The youth group had a happy and memorable camping trip with tents last month from June 8-9 at Kirby Cove in Marin County. The Youth Summer Camp was organized by the Asian Commission of Diocese of California. They met with other churchesí youth and learned from each other. They had so much fun on the camp site surroundings, barbequing, hiking and all sorts of camping activities.


We have a young people's group meeting on Saturdays and Sunday around the 11am Service time where they join the regularly scheduled service in the middle.

You are invited to attend this group by contacting The Rev. Connie Ng Lam at the church.  Please leave a message with the church to express your interest.

Modified: 09/17/2010