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The Present - A New Era


After Father Pun's retirement, The Rev. Fran Toy served as Interim, and The Rev. Donald Fox succeeded her as Long Term Interim and was subsequently elected as Rector in 1988. Father Fox served nine years. During this time, a very successful fund raising campaign enabled a new chapel to be built. Although he did not speak Chinese, Father Fox was successful in his ministry by using interpreters and lay readers. He resigned in order to become the Night Minister with the San Francisco Night Ministry. The Rev. James Hargis served as the next interim for about two years, then left to become the rector of a congregation in Hawaii. Following him, The Rev. Mary Atwood ministered to the congregation for about nine months. During that time of interim rectors, True Sunshine undertook a long search for a Cantonese-speaking, bilingual priest to carry on the work. It has been the experience at True Sunshine that priests who did not speak Chinese were able to find ways to make good connections with the older Chinese-speaking members of the congregation. However, for the home-mission work among Chinese newcomers, a bilingual priest was the first priority.

The search for this hard-to-find priest to fill this position continued for several long years. Finally, in answer to our prayers, The Rev. Franco Kwan answered our call. Palm Sunday 1999 was his first service at True Sunshine. With his rich experience in serving many ethnic groups, social work, and community work, he will lead True Sunshine into a new era.


True Sunshine - the Future

This is slightly modified from The Colors of Diversity, a Diocese of California publication, by Vincent Jang. The Original author is Dr. Raymond Lee, of True Sunshine.