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Looking back through a history of 95 years, there have been good times and hard times. True Sunshine not only has survived, but also is finding herself poised to enter the New Millennium to work in the Chinese community. During Father Fox's time a few years ago, the congregation raised all the money needed to complete a $ l.2 million dollar project, addition of a chapel to the multipurpose building. We are now in the process of planning for further facilities the expansion to accommodate many new programs, which have grown since the coming of Father Kwan. The foundation laid many years ago is firm. Through difficult times, the congregation's loyalty and faith have been the main ingredients for the success of God's work.

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Diocese of California, we take pride in presenting this summary of the long history of True Sunshine Parish. The present and the future are built upon the experiences from the past. We are beginning an outreach project together with the Church of the Incarnation in the Sunset District to serve Chinese families in that area. A listing would include the following: An active ECW, English Bible Study, Chinese Bible Study, Saturday Tutorial Program and Summer Youth Program, Band and Music Classes that are intimately merged with the Sunday School Classes, Cantonese Singing Group, Nursing Home Ministry, and an English Conversation Class.


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This is slightly modified from The Colors of Diversity, a Diocese of California publication, by Vincent Jang. The Original author is Dr. Raymond Lee, of True Sunshine.