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After School Program


I.                  OBJECTIVES:

l        Provide help with homework, tutoring and other learning activities, train them work independently.

l        Provide opportunities for reinforcement and enrichment for the academic learning that takes place in the child’s classroom.

l        Provide new developmentally appropriate enrichment activities to add to student’s learning at school, help them develop thinking and problem-solving skills, and spark their curiosity and love of learning, especially in the following subject areas.

Reading Comprehension – the ability to understand , remember, and                                          Communicate about what has been read.

Reading Fluency – the ability to read text accurately and quickly.

Vocabulary Development -  the knowledge of the meaning and
             Pronunciation of words necessary for Communication.

l         Strengthen their Mathematics skills and understanding in many innovative ways.

l       Develop their Moral Values , social, through group activities.

l       Doing arts and crafts , cooking, for special occasion.

l        Provide Counseling for parents and students

Builds an emotionally healthy foundation for children and results in improved academic achievement


II.   Time :

              Monday through Friday, from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


III.  Place

              True Sunshine Episcopal Church

              1430 Mason St. SF, CA 94133


IV.     Age Level

Ages 6 – 11 years old ( Grades 1 through 5 )


V.         Teaching Staff

Director:                          Vacant
                                      Stanton Louie, Acting




     Lorraine Ngoi                                      Maureen Kwok

     Henry Lee                                          Carole Lee 

     Helen Leung



*   For Tuition Fee Inquiries, please call the Church at (415)956-2160



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